Approx. 6100 sqft
Everything is the same, verge on being absolutely boring. That’s often the first thought when we enter a restaurant or dining area located inside a hotel, especially the one that belongs to a chain of hotels. Generally, hotel dining are designed luxurious vibe but, we break the rules and make a change. The targeted audience is the tourist from the nearby attraction, ‘Movie Animation Park Studio’ which is located just mile away.
          To be extraordinary, there are exuberant colours and materials were used flexibly to create shapes. The materials used in this project are low VOC paint and certified Green Label where it is made from renewable/sustainable materials. The interior is instantly transformed into an energetic yet playful vibe.
          Our motive is to refurbish a restaurant and turn it into a Coffee House that belongs to the hotel itself. Either you are getting yourself a cup of refreshment or having a taste of the local delicacies served, we hope the guest to feel uplifted. The design was inspired by the nearby amusement park which are colourful, energetic and fun!
          The areas are opened to the public and no longer separated by wall. The Coffee House consist  of Pâtisserie, Big Show, Kid’s Corner and open kitchen.  The areas are labelled with sophisticated signage matching the area functionality. The columns remain its original form, cement and surround with tree which shaped and made from metal tube. The trees were handcrafted and designed to have  blooming effect in the pathway of the eatery. We name it “Bloom”. During the day, the space is suffused with natural light; in the evening, modern touch of lighting create an effect that is dramatic and intriguing.
          Besides, the colourful seats are a breath of fresh air and allowing the area to remain spacious without appearing entirely solemn. Vivid colours contrast each other, creating a unique palette in the area. The new Coffee House is the result of ‘one of a kind’ from a luxurious eatery in a hotel. The Coffee House has been designed to lend itself to different occasions. Towards one end, a tall glazed pantry forms the Pâtisserie, on show to guests in the hotel lobby as well as visitors taking a break in one of the compact booths, perfect for a quick coffee and pastry.
At the other end, there is a Kid’s Corner for children specialty accommodate with food and beverages. This area is designed with canopy, fun sticker wall and die-cut signage with light showing “Kid’s Corner”.  Along the way to Kid’s Corner, there are also custom made buffet counters on each side. There is also performance area where we call it “BIG SHOW”.  The “BIG SHOW” performance stage, creating a dramatic atmosphere.
          Apart from that, the kitchen is open concept kitchen fully equipped with grills, countertop, sinks and storage cabinets for ala carte mini serving. The kitchen are separated by auto door and remain its natural minimalism which presented through the bricks wall and low cement wall with a minimal touch of cultural taste on flooring which are made from 9 different pattern of ethnic tiles. In addition to that, the ceiling are transparent which  accentuate its naturally soothing vibe and kitchen top are made from black galaxy granite which would not stain easily. The design also features a modern yet rustic selection of muted colours amongst the other area as they fit harmoniously resulting in a cheerful yet calming atmosphere.
          The design also features a modern yet rustic selection of muted colours amongst the other area as they fit harmoniously resulting in a cheerful yet calming atmosphere. Diner and visitor can indulge the new dining experience and dramatic atmosphere. Coffee House offering seating for 208 diners. 
        As a whole, the balance between usage of vibrant colours and materials has resulted in this modern and different concept from the ordinary dining in a hotel which makes our audience to remember. That’s why we create something out of the ordinary.

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